How To Stay Safe In Fire Season

Dated: 07/19/2017

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Fire season is among us & we all need to keep our selves, children & pets safe!!

Here are some of the things you can do to arm yourself for another man vs. nature battle:

1. Stay indoors with windows and doors closed; run air-conditioner on "recirculate" setting. Keep the fresh-air intake closed and the filter clean to prevent outdoor smoke from getting inside. Minimize the use of swamp coolers. If it becomes too warm indoors, individuals may consider leaving the area to seek alternative shelter.

2. Do not add to indoor pollution. When smoke levels are high, don't use anything that burns, such as candles, fireplaces, or gas stoves. Don't vacuum, because vacuuming stirs up particles already inside your home. Don't smoke, because smoking puts even more pollution into the air.

3. Follow your doctor's advice about medicines and about your respiratory management plan if you have asthma or another lung disease. Call your doctor if your symptoms worsen. If you evacuate, make sure you take all essential medications along with you.

4. Don't rely on dust masks or N95 respirators for protection. If you wish to wear something, use a wet handkerchief or bandana to cover your mouth and nose. The key — keep it moist.

5. When driving make sure to drive with the windows rolled up and the air conditioner on "recirculate." Also, buckle up — and don't drink and drive.

6. Minimize or stop outdoor activities, especially exercise, during smoky conditions.

7. People who must spend time outdoors should drink plenty of fluids.

8. Additionally, pet owners should consider bringing their pets indoors out of the unhealthy air conditions, if possible. This is especially important for older pets.


Here is a list of tips to help protect your home and property from wildfires:

Review your homeowner's insurance policy and also prepare/update a list of your home's contents.

  • Connect garden hoses long enough to reach any area of the home and fill garbage cans, tubs, or other large containers with water.

  • Maintain an area approximately 30’ away from you home that is free of anything that will burn, such as wood piles, dried leaves, newspapers and other brush.

  • Regularly clean the roof and gutters.

  • Stay safe out there!

  • & Thank you to all of you putting your life on the line to protect ours!!

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